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Board Agendas


Meets Monthly

Lucinda K. Fitz-Christensen (Georgetown Lake Area)

October 2023

Term Expires On:

Jim Lochridge (Lower Rock Creek)

October 2023

Term Expires On:

Heidi Hinkle (Upper Flint Creek Valley)

October 2023

Term Expires On:

Gail Leeper (Town of Drummond)


Term Expires On:

John Spaeth (Town of Philipsburg)


Term Expires On:


Thomas Rue II (Lower Flint Creek)

October 2022

Term Expires On:

Vice President

Tom Sanders (Upper Rock Creek

October 2023

Term Expires On:

2 Year Terms

Understanding the value of thoughtfully planning for future development, and having the desire to improve the health, safety, convenience, and welfare of Granite County citizens, the County Commission established this advisory board. This seven-member Board is made up of 5 members of the County, 1 member from the Town of Drummond and 1 member from the Town of Philipsburg. The Board currently advises the County Commission, the Town Council of Drummond and the Town Council of Philipsburg on a variety of land-use matters including, but not limited to: subdivision applications, applications to amend the Georgetown Lake Zoning District; neighborhood plans; the County’s and Town’s Growth Policy; and the County’s and Town’s Subdivision Regulations.

Planning Board members appointed by Granite County have terms for two years. Members appointed by the Town of Drummond and the Town of Philipsburg have terms set by each town respectfully. Meetings are scheduled on the first Thursdays of each month at 6 p.m. in the District Courtroom at the Granite County Courthouse

Trout Creek Findings (Updated)

Broadway Hotel Findings and Packet

Trout Creek Packet Section 6-9

Trout Creek Packet Section 2-5

Trout Creek Findings

Board Documents