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June 14, 2022

Board Minutes

Granite County Compensation Board 2022

Board Agendas


Meets Annually

Jack Owens

October 2024

Term Expires On:

Anna Bergerson

October 2024

Term Expires On:

Cathy Smith

October 2025

Term Expires On:

3 Year Terms Except for Elected Officials

The County Compensation Board was created by the 2001 Legislature to hold hearings annually for the purpose of reviewing the compensation paid to county officers. According to Sec. 7-4-2503(4)(a) There is a county compensation board consisting of: (i) the county commissioners; (ii) three of the county officials described in subsection (1) appointed by the board of county commissioners; (iii) the county attorney; (iv) two to four resident taxpayers appointed initially by the board of county commissioners to staggered terms of three years; (v)(A) subject to subsection (4)(a)(v)(B), one resident taxpayer appointed by each of the three county officials described in subsection (4)(a)(ii). These appointments; however, are not mandatory.

The County Compensation Board shall prepare a compensation schedule for the elected county officials, including the county attorney, for the succeeding fiscal year. The schedule must take in to consideration county variations, including population, the number of residents living in unincorporated areas, assessed valuation, motor vehicle registrations, building permits, and other factors considered necessary to reflect the variations in the workloads and responsibilities of county officials as well as the tax resources of the county. The County Compensation Board may consider the compensation paid to comparable officials in other Montana counties, other states, state government, federal government, and private enterprise.

The Granite County Compensation Board is comprised the the Three Commissioners, The Granite County Attorney, The Clerk & Recorder, The Treasurer, and The Sheriff; as well as four citizen members appointed by the Commission.

The Chairperson is Commission serve as the Chairperson
Vacancies: 1

Compensation Board Packet 2022

Board Documents

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