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Board Minutes

May 2024

Policy Meeting - May 2024

April - Special Session

Special Session - Policy Meeting - April

March 2024

Special Session - Policy Meeting March 2024

February 2024

February - Special Session

January 2024

Special Session - January 2024

November 2023

Special Session - Philipsburg Library Nov. 7, 2023

Board Agendas



Kathy Gillies

June 2028

Term Expires On:

Charlene Bucha

June 2025

Term Expires On:

5 Year Terms

The Philipsburg Community Library Board of Trustees ensures that the mission of "Connecting the Philipsburg community with resources that enrich, enlighten and entertain" remains at the forefront of all projects undertaken by the Library. In addition they work to support the Philipsburg Public Library Vision to be deeply rooted in the community by providing a doorway to the world through lifelong learning activities; fostering literacy by creating opportunities to participate, connect, and discover; facilitating partnerships; and making the most effective use of taxpayer funding.

Two members of the Philipsburg Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Granite County Commission; those members are Barbara Cahill and there is one position vacant to finish a term. A full list of the Philipsburg Community Library Board is listed below:

Kathy Gillies (Commission Appointed)
Charlene Bucha (Commission Appointed)
Sue Sweeney (Town Appointed)
One Vacancy (Town Appointed)
Nicholas Rapp (Board Appointed)

Board Documents

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