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Public Records

To view documents the County has in their image database, you will need to subscribe to iDoc Market:

Our title company vendors may want to do the yearly pass with the unlimited view free and print fee is .20 cents a page. There is a subscription plan to fit all needs from one hour to a yearly pass. We are very pleased to be able to offer this time and money saving process to our county residents and vendors and all the people interested in Granite County. Below is access information.

iDoc Market Web Address –

iDoc Market Public Support –

The Granite County Clerk & Recorders office is responsible for the recording and indexing of deeds, mortgages, surveys, mining claim doc’s, Military discharges, Land Surveys,  Declaration Of Homestead, Births, Deaths, and many other documents required by statute MCA 7-4-2613.


Document Standards

MCA 7-4-2636

Standard document recording fees are $8.00 per page.

Non-standard recording fees are $8.00 per page PLUS and additional $10.00 per document.

Filing Fees are $5.00 per document


Public Record Search

In 2016 Granite County went live with on-line document indexing. Granite County currently has images from 1965 through present day. However, our indexing (referenced by grantor/grantee, recorded/Document date) is only partially complete. We are currently working on indexing an additional 87,000 documents.

To access our online documents please go to iDoc market


Feel free to reach out to our office with any questions you may have.

Department Contact Info


P.O. Box 9

Philipsburg, MT


FY24 Preliminary Budgets - all

FY24 Preliminary Budget - Non-Levied Funds

FY24 Preliminary Budget - General Fund

FY24 Preliminary Budget - Levied Funds

2023 County Wide & Road Certified Taxable Valuation

FY23 REV Non-Levied

FY23 REV Levied

FY23 REV General

FY23 EXP Non-Levied

FY23 EXP Levied

FY23 EXP General

Termination of Joint Tenancy

Useful Documents

Obtain a Physical Address

To obtain an address in Granite County, please contact:

Matthew Pearce, ENP

President, Mapping and Planning Specialists, Inc.

5838 Blackshire Path Suite 204

Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Phone: 877-944-5464


Department Contact Info


(406) 859-3771

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 925, Philipsburg, MT 59858

Sarah Graham

Clerk & Recorder/Election Admin

Becky Mickey

Deputy Clerk & Recorder

Brandi Galiher


Staff Contacts

County Treasurer

Clerk & Recorder's Office

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