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Vera Johnson

October 2024

Term Expires On:

3 Year Terms

The Area V on Aging Governing Board oversees program operations for the Area V Program. Congress enacted the 1965 "Older Americans Act" as a response to the challenges a rapidly increasing older population imposed on our country’s systems of health care, retirement, housing, employment, and community services. The Older Americans Act created structures at the federal, State, and local level to administer programs that help our nation’s elderly maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities.

Today, the National Network on Aging includes the Administration on Aging, a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Montana’s 10 Area Agencies on Aging are under contract to the Aging Services Bureau, Department of Public Health and Human Services; the designated State Agency on Aging responsible to administer Older Americans Act programs.

Montana’s Area Agencies on Aging are public or private non-profit agencies, designated by the Aging Services Bureau, to address the needs and concerns of older Montanans at the local level. Every Area Agency on Aging is required to have an advisory council, comprised primarily of older persons, to review and comment on all programs affecting the elderly at the community level. More than 100 advisory council members work in partnership with Montana’s Area Agencies on Aging.

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