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Sarah Graham

Brandi Galiher

Becky Mickey

Clerk & Recorder/Election Admin


Deputy Clerk & Recorder

Department Contacts

P.O. Box 925, Philipsburg, MT 59858

(406) 859-3771

On April 16, 2018, Granite County went live with our Document indexing for recorded documents. We will no longer be sending images email or through an FTP site. You may go onto and search for any document that we have imaged. We currently have images from 1965 through present day. Granite County is in the process of indexing 87,000 images that we pulled off our microfilm and placed in our indexing software. Our indexing is complete from 1995 to present day.


Documents & Forms

FY24 Preliminary Budgets - all

FY24 Preliminary Budget - Non-Levied Funds

FY24 Preliminary Budget - General Fund

FY24 Preliminary Budget - Levied Funds

2023 County Wide & Road Certified Taxable Valuation

FY23 REV Non-Levied

FY23 REV Levied

FY23 REV General

FY23 EXP Non-Levied

FY23 EXP Levied

FY23 EXP General

Termination of Joint Tenancy

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