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Lakeshore Drive Notice

NOTICE by Granite County Commission


Lakeshore Drive at Georgetown Lake is a U.S. Forest Service Road, not a road of Granite County.  While Granite County has provided certain maintenance on this road (including snow removal), such maintenance by Granite County will not continue past the spring blading of the road.  Such road maintenance on Lakeshore Drive, including snow removal, will be permanently discontinued by Granite County as of June 2024.  This road has become a major liability to Granite County, and the County simply does not have the resources to continue to maintain this road.  Local homeowners, if they so choose, should approach the local Forest Service Ranger District to inquire about the permitting process to take over such maintenance responsibilities.  This was a difficult decision, but is the right decision going forward.  Please contact the local Forest Service Ranger District (telephone: 406-859-3211) with any questions or concerns.


/S/ Board of Granite County Commissioners

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