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Scott Dunkerson

Rico Barkell


Undersheriff/Deputy Coroner

Department Contacts

P.O. Box 188, Philipsburg, MT 59858

(406) 859-3251

The Sheriff acts as a conservator of the peace and the executive officer of the county and district courts, serve writs and processes of the courts, seizes property after judgment, enforce traffic laws on county roads and supervises the county jail and prisoners.

The mission of the Granite County Sheriff's Office is to preserve the peace, enforce the law with respect to the Constitutional rights of all people and to safeguard lives and property.

In addition to determining cause of death, coroners are also responsible for identifying the body, notifying the next of kin, signing the death certificate, and returning any personal belongings found on the body to the family of the deceased.


Documents & Forms

GCSO - Request for Report Form

GCSO - CWP Renewal

GSCO - CWP Application

Concealed Weapons Permit Application

Concealed Weapon Permit Application

Concealed Weapon Permit Renewal

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