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Report Your at-Home Test

You can record your At Home positive test at COVID-19 At-Home Reporting - Formstack

COVID at-Home Tests

Starting Jan. 19, the public can visit to order their free at-home tests.

Updated CDC Recommendations 

CDC Guidelines - Flyer 

CDC Updates and Shortens Recommended Isolation and Quarantine Period for General Population | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC - article 

CDC Reccomends 5 Years and Older be Vaccinated against COVID-19

CDC recommends everyone 5years and older should get a COVID-19 vaccination to help protect against COVID-19. Widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop the pandemic. People who are fully vaccinated can resume activities that they did prior to the pandemic. Learn more about what you and your child or teen can do when you have been fully vaccinated. Children 5 years and older are able to get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine

Granite County Quarantine Policy

DPHHS Update

Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) officials announced today that due to the low level of COVID-19 transmission in Montana at this time, updates to the COVID-19 cases and vaccine dashboards will move to a weekly reporting cadence effective Friday, May 6.

Updates to both dashboards will now be posted every Friday beginning May 13 to include updated data of cumulative cases, new cases, hospitalizations, total deaths, vaccine doses administered, etc. from the previous week. After the Friday, May 6 update, the next update will be on May 13.

The COVID-19 weekday emails will also conclude this week, with the last one to be sent on Friday, May 6.

Additionally, the CDC COVID-19 community levels will be displayed on the COVID-19 dashboard. The COVID-19 community levels are a tool to help communities decide what prevention and mitigation steps to take based on the latest data.

DPHHS also recently scaled back or discontinued various data reports that have been posted on the COVID-19 webpage regularly over the past two years.

Changes to the following reports include:

  • The weekly surveillance report will continue.      The report provides a weekly snapshot of COVID-19 activity in Montana.      However, the report now include long-term care (LTC) and assisted living      facilities (ALF) data.

  • DPHHS will pause on publishing      updated separate weekly reports of COVID-19 cases in schools, LTC and ALF,      and the hospital occupancy report. However, as mentioned above,      information related to LTC and ALF will be included in the weekly report.      Archives of all previous reports can be found here.

  • The demographic tables will now be updated on      a weekly basis instead of daily.

  • The vaccination report by county will now be      updated every other week.

These changes do not mean that public health officials have scaled back COVID-19 surveillance efforts. DPHHS will continue to closely monitor COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in Montana. Local public health officials will continue to investigate COVID-19 outbreaks and cases in settings which may expose individuals at high risk for severe outcomes. Health officials request that the public follow COVID-19 precautions recommended by the CDC given their community’s COVID-19 transmission and hospitalization levels, including being current on COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.

Granite County COVID-19 Response

The County's latest updates for COVID-19 can be found below. Please help us keep all of our residents safe and healthy by doing your part to reduce the spread of the virus.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Current Active Cases in Granite County


Covid Deaths in Granite County: 11

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