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Advisory Boards & Committees

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

There are several Advisory Boards and Steering Committees across Granite County, and more information can be found here; This post is still under construction and we are working to gather information and will post it here as we find it.

If there is an Advisory Board or Steering Committee that you don't see information for and would like added, please contact

Flint Creek Dam Advisory Committee

This Committee meets as necessary. Members include Ed Simonich; Paul Hooper; Dave Klumper; Andrew McFarland; Ben Singer; Paul Tallon; Brad Liermann;

Upcoming Meeting Agenda: None Scheduled at this time - Likely in May

of 2022

Flint Creek Dam Advisory Committee Minutes 31Aug21
Download PDF • 172KB

Past Meeting Packets:

August 2021:

November 2021:

November 2021 Meeting
Download PDF • 1.74MB

February 2022:

FCDAC - 2.2022
Download PDF • 3.43MB

Forest Management Advisory Committee

This Committee meets as necessary. Members include: Patti Kanduch; Charles Lizer; Bill Antonioli; Heidi Hinkle; Sue Peterson; Elena Gagliano; and Margie Lee

Upcoming Meeting Agenda: No Meetings Scheduled at This Time

Local Emergency Planning Committee

This Committee meets Quarterly.

Meeting Agendas:

2022 September

LEPC County published agenda for meeting notice.
Download PDF • 59KB

2022: April

LEPC Agenda April 27 2022
Download PDF • 74KB

2022: March

2022 LEPC Agenda March 16th for meeting
Download PDF • 125KB

LEPC Agenda for Courthouse Publication
Download PDF • 60KB

September 2021:

Approved Meeting Minutes: